Taking An Individualized Approach To Challenge Drug Charges

In the past decade, California has taken steps to correct overzealous prosecution and punishment for drug charges, especially those based upon simple possession. However, the Golden State is still quite serious about quashing the unlawful sale and consumption of drugs. Drug trafficking charges, in particular, continue to carry long prison sentences and steep fines.

The consequences of a drug crime conviction can seem overwhelming, but Turner Law has represented clients for charges that include a wide spectrum of illicit substances. Our firm seeks to serve you and fight for your rights in misdemeanor and felony drug cases. Our lead drug crimes attorney, J. Gregory Turner, has dedicated his career to criminal defense, including positions as public defender in San Diego County. His relationships with judges and prosecutors enable him to discover and fight for the best possible outcomes for your case.

Building A Strong Defense In A Drug Crime Case

Each drug arrest contains a unique set of circumstances. Mr. Turner uses his legal analysis skills to discover the route to the best defense for your case. Some of the factors he will consider when constructing the defense include:

  • What drugs were found during your arrest and where they fall in California’s drug classification system for unlawful controlled substances
  • Whether you are charged with drug possession or trafficking — which greatly impacts the consequences the charges carry
  • Whether you are being charged with a felony or a misdemeanor
  • How well law enforcement and the prosecution protected the chain of evidence or conducted lab analysis of the drugs
  • The potential for options that will avoid jail and a mark on your permanent record, which could include treatment through a drug court diversion program or having your sentence reduced to a charge that qualifies you for a diversion program

Do Not Let Your Arrest For Drugs Influence Your Future

Drug crime convictions can alter your life. At Turner Law, we believe one mistake shouldn’t ruin your future. For a case consultation, call us in our San Diego offices at 619-436-4502 or use our online form.