Dropping Misdemeanor Charges

Misdemeanor convictions are not small matters. When a misdemeanor is on your record, it can limit your work and housing opportunities and even show up on a credit report. This is why it is so important to defend yourself against all criminal charges, no matter how minor.

Fight For Your Rights

San Diego Lawyer Greg Turner knows that a clear record makes you more able to take advantage of opportunities in life. He will listen to your situation, form a strategy and use his skill and experience to fight for your rights.

Avoid Misdemeanor Penalties

Jail time is one consequence that both standard and aggravated misdemeanors can have. Other punishments for misdemeanors can include:

  • A probation period of one or more years, possibly with a monitoring device
  • Payment of fines, including victim restitution and court fees
  • Community service

Defending Good People

You are not a bad person just because you got into a bad situation. When bad things happen to good people, Turner Law is there. You have the right to defend yourself against criminal charges. Attorney Greg Turner is dedicated to seeking success in every case, including yours.

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