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Drunk driving charges and past cases

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2020 | DUI Defense |

Anyone who heads to court over allegations that they drove drunk is in a very serious position and their future is at stake. For example, even someone who is pulled over for drunk driving for the first time will likely face multiple repercussions as a result of their case, from negative emotions and financial penalties to problems in their personal relationships and career. However, some people are in a particularly concerning situation when a law enforcement official stops them for driving under the influence, such as those who already have drunk driving on their record due to previous incidents. 

When someone faces drunk driving charges for the second or third time, the consequences of the case are much higher. Setting aside the damage to their reputation, it is very possible that they will spend time behind bars. In some instances, people are sentenced to prison for a number of years as a result of multiple DUI cases. This is a very serious possibility for a lot of people facing drunk driving charges, and they worry about losing the ability to spend time with their kids, pursue a career or simply enjoy life. 

Past cases impact current drunk driving cases in different ways, and it is imperative for people in this position to have a thorough defense as well as a solid understanding of their legal options. Even though severe consequences are often unavoidable, a more favorable outcome is within reach for some of those who carefully approach their case. Head to our DUI page to read more on handling a drunk driving case.