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The consequences of even a minor conviction on your criminal record can be overwhelming. You can find yourself locked out of jobs, housing, even educational opportunities. And for more serious misdemeanors and felonies, you may lose your freedom through a prison sentence or a long period of probation.

At Turner Law, we know that one-on-one time between a lawyer and his client can lead to positive results. Our founder, attorney Greg Turner, has focused his career on criminal defense and believes in treating clients with respect and understanding. The other benefit of working with clients personally is that Mr. Turner understands their case at a deep level and can devise stronger defense strategies.

We Handle All Types Of Criminal Charges

Criminal lawyer Greg Turner has worked in San Diego’s Public Defender and Alternate Public Defender’s offices. He has represented clients in more than 1,500 criminal cases. He has successfully defended clients on charges that include:

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers About Criminal Law

Can I lose my job if I’ve been charged with a crime?

Many employers have the legal right to terminate employees who have been criminally charged, especially for crimes directly related to the job.

The risks may be higher for hourly workers or those with past disciplinary issues. Certain crimes like DUIs could also jeopardize professional licenses or certifications required for your role. Under California law, employers cannot ask about or consider arrests or detentions that did not lead to conviction during the hiring process.

Can I join the military with a criminal record?

Certain felony convictions may prevent you from military service, including:

  • Statutory rape
  • Assault with a dangerous weapon
  • Burglary
  • Credit card fraud
  • Kidnapping

Even some misdemeanors could disqualify you depending on the circumstances.

Do I need to show ID if a cop asks for it?

California has a no “stop and identify” law requiring you to produce ID when stopped by police. However, refusing to provide it during a lawful Terry stop could potentially lead to an arrest for obstructing an officer under Penal Code 148.

What rights could I lose if convicted of a felony?

Felony convictions may result in losing several fundamental rights, at least temporarily, including:

  • Loss of voting rights while incarcerated
  • Inability to possess or own firearms
  • Revocation of professional licenses
  • Ineligibility for public housing, student loans and other public assistance

Restoring these rights after a felony conviction can be extremely difficult without a skilled criminal lawyer.

Can police lie to me or my attorney?

Police can use deception and make false claims when questioning suspects or witnesses, even in the presence of your defense lawyer. However, officers are prohibited from lying under oath during testimony or proceedings.

Personal Attention, Successful Results From A Tough Defense Lawyer

No matter the charge you face, our firm will review the evidence against you, look for mistakes in police work or holes in the prosecutor’s case, and explain your best options. We care about your future. And we will treat you like we do.

You Can Recover After A Mistake – We Can Show You How

Even if you are facing a serious charge, our firm can show you options that can minimize the impact they may have on you. Our criminal defense lawyer represent clients across the San Diego metro area. Call 619-436-4502 or email us to set up a meeting. We offer free consultations and a military discount.