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What Our Clients Are Saying

I highly recommend Greg Turner. I was facing a very scary multiple DUI charge. Right from the start, he proved to be a very fair attorney. The police had tacked on a bogus felony charge to my case. Other lawyers were going to change double because of the felony charge. Greg knew it was bogus and that he would be able to get it dropped with a simple phone call. He only charged me the misdemeanor fee and was able to get the felony dropped immediately. Greg guided me through all of my legal options and got me an excellent deal. He really took the time to get to know me and see me more than just another client. He was genuinely concerned with my overall well-being and not just my case. I could have easily gotten a lengthy jail sentence because of my .33 BAC and the multiple offenses. Greg knew how important my job was to me and how a jail sentence would truly be a disaster for me. He was able to negotiate a deal where I got work furlough instead of jail. This allowed me to keep my job. He also got the charge reduced from felony to misdemeanor. Even after my case was over, Greg continued to help me. He petitioned the judge to have my SCRAM ankle monitor removed while in work furlough and he got my start date delayed so I could visit with my parents while they were in town from out of state. He went above and beyond. I would recommend Greg to anyone in need of criminal defense. He is worth every penny.

– M



I have hired Greg two different times and both times he was knowledgeable and efficient doing everything he could to help my son. He went above and beyond and always answered every question I have. I would highly recommend Greg. He is a wonderful attorney and human being.




I would highly recommend Greg Turner to anyone he is very honest very very helpful he has been there for every phone call And has able to answer almost any question I have had never met someone who is very honest and willing to go the extra mile to help me out and even doing stuff that isn’t part of the job to help me out would recommend him to anyone

– L



I called Greg after calling other attorneys and within minutes knew that I wanted to work with him. His professional advice was inline with the others, and his personal tone and ability to connect made me ask him to represent me and handle my problem. Communications were clear, thorough, and never rushed despite a fair fixed fee, and were made easily and timely. Greg was able to efficiently and quickly get the issue cleared up with a most favorable outcome. I highly recommend Greg Turner! A pleasant experience to resolve an unpleasant situation.

– G



Greg Turner is the best being that could ever come into someones life in the time of desperate need. He is a very understanding man with an enormous heart. His skills are beyond those of any persons expectations and surpass the standards to that of a above average attorney. In my experience, Greg Turner has been a guardian angel who has given me: strength, hope, courage, friendship, assurance, security and above all commitment. Greg Turner is a figure of Justice who considers every aspect and piece of information to determine the appropriate outcome. He is a kind man who always smiles and manages to give comfort in times of anxiety and nervous moments of waiting. His devotion is far superior than most. There was a low point in which things had turned for the worse do to the media; however, Greg Turner did not let that stop him. His result was many times stronger than before. His determination to reduce the fowl image being projected was a complete success despite the many times in which the media attempted to do more harm. As a result Greg gave the impression of a lion protecting its cub, fighting fiercely to the very end but still looking out for me, protecting. Overall, Greg Turner is the perfect man to ask for help and to represent you. God bless him.




I recommend Greg Turner of Turner Law as he is compassionate and consistently exhibits a friendly demeanor with a firm knowledge of the law. His direct approach and authentic style gave me confidence that he has a trustworthy work ethic and advises in my best interest. Not only does Mr. Turner have a vast knowledge of the law, he has established a reputable network that is helpful in executing a positive outcome. He had the ability to be the calm during such an intimidating situation.




After interviewing multiple attorney’s, I found Greg to be the most knowledgeable and straight forward. After telling him about my case he assured me that I had nothing to worry about in the worst case scenario in my mind and that it would be resolved favorably in which it was. He was constantly updating me with any new developments and was very accessible whenever I had any questions or concerns. He was very understanding in my situation, non-judgmental, and made me feel at ease. I also liked that he knew the other legal professionals in court. I would wholeheartedly recommend him, and would hire him if need be in the future.

– Anonymous



I will eternally be grateful for the help we got from Greg. He was very knowledgeable and that helped to ease some of the worry my family and I had during this time. I had a million questions for him and he always responded back so quickly. Not only was he great in the court room but he genuinely cared about the outcome and how the entire family was doing throughout. I will refer Greg to anyone that needs a criminal attorney. I feel we also made a friend in the process.




Talking about Greg Turner is talking about honesty, trust, loyalty. Most of all it’s about someone everyone can count on. Mr Turner’s practice is based on the most valuable principles and code of ethics and a sense of justice that is unshakable. In my personal case, he is an angel on earth, as he took my son’s case, and since the beginning, he listened and studied the situation, all the while avoiding making any wrong assumption or judgment; he never gave up even when the situation turned really bad. I will never forget when he stated after a very dramatic event on our case; “This situation angers me, but the angrier I feel, the stronger I get to continue fighting for the truth and justice.” I can mention a lot of moments in which he demonstrated his human quality and professionalism, but the only way to understand what I mean by this, is knowing this exceptional human being who is fully dedicated to helping others disregarding race, sex, social condition, etc. There are no words in the entire dictionary that help me express my gratitude for this man. I can only bless him every day, and let him know that what he is still doing for us, will remain in our hearts forever. Definitely, if more people like Greg Turner exist, the world would be different. Once again, THANK YOU and God bless you and your family!!




I was recommended to Greg years ago by a close friend. From the first interaction Greg was sincere and professional in every aspect. He was never misleading and never made empty promises. If you want a lawyer that is going to be 100% genuine about your case, good or bad, this is the attorney for you. I have used him for my DUI and have referred him to my friends. All parties have been more satisfied with the results he produced. Greg is a busy attorney,; however, his clients would never know that because he makes himself available to them 24/7! Great lawyer and a great guy!

– JG



It blew me away that [the prosecutor] would accept such a deal. Going from five possible life sentences to what boils down to time served [10 months].

– SW



You were awesome. I wish we had you for the prelim – or from the outset. Things would have been so different.

– SW



Words can’t express my gratitude.

– SW



Not everybody has the opportunity for a second chance. Because of you that chance was given to me.

– TB



[Y]ou showed reassurance and provided comfort for my family and I. I wan not only treated like a client, but a friend.

– TB



[You are a] lawyer who is truly compassionate about his clients.

– TB



Things are getting better each day [for me in rehab].




I just wanted to thank you for being my “friend”, not just my lawyer. You’re the best.

– MC



You’re known around here as one of the best “paid attorneys” because you care about us and want to help. We all think that is way cool… Just thought you should know.

– MC



I wanted to write you and thank you for all you’ve done and are doing for me. I know you went above and beyond for me.

– CK



Thank you especially for speaking with my aunt and putting her mind at ease.

– CK



I will keep on soldiering for you and spreading the word. Hopefully you will pick up some clients by my referrals.

– CK



I want you to know that I have been represented by quite a few attorneys in the past and never have I met one that I would invite to the pad to drink some beers and watch the game. That’s what I tell people about you, that you’re like one of the fellas.

– CK



I will never as long as I live forget the look on that dump truck’s face when I came into the courtroom and you had taken s**t over!

– CK



I can’t believe they tried so hard to bet me to sign that 7 years, then all the time lying in wait to take me federal, that’s just dirty. I guess they knew they didn’t have a chance once I had you on the team.

– CK



I want you to know how much I appreciate your helping both my mother and myself. You really are a wonderful attorney and I know your future holds only the best.

– KN



I feel very fortunate to have found and worked with your (firm). You have truly made me feel that you care about me and my case. Often times I felt I was speaking with a friend rather that an attorney, I now realize I was speaking to both. Thank you for walking me through this difficult process.

– ML



It is refreshing to know there are people, attorneys, like Greg, a person with heart and soul.

– P



Thank you so much for representing my case and bringing me home!!! You are great at what you do and I truly appreciate your efforts.

– T



Thank you for your professionalism and dedication to justice.

– EP



Thank you for all you did in bringing (our son) home.

– A



Keep kicking a**.

– R & J



You gave my son peace when I couldn’t, you gave him hope when I didn’t know if there was any and you showed him a light I could not see. There are no words for the depth of my feelings for your help. May God keep you and bless you.

– C



I thank you very much for the work and effort put forth in defending our son. If needed in the near future will call… (And they did.)

– LT



You’re the best attorney out there. I’m glad our family chose you, you did a wonderful job and I’ll thank you for that. Much love.

– LS



Just something to let you know I appreciate what you’ve done for me, and still do for me. I’m glad to know I met a really good lawyer, plus a good friend. I’ll keep sending clients your way.

– JH



Thank you so much for all you have done. You have helped create a path to a better future for myself as well as my family. Unfortunately my words cannot say enough in gratitude, but I would like to still give you a big thank you on behalf of my family and myself. I shall refer to you as the Stone Cold Steve Austin Lawyer because you put the smack down in the courtroom and because you look like him, except crushing a beer over the DA’s head. Greg, thank you for saving my future.

– JB



I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me! I’ve never had anyone be so patient and caring with me. You truly have restored my faith in humans. Before you I was convinced that nobody helps anybody else unless they get something for it, but not you… From the bottom of my heart thank you!

– NS



You gave me my life with my wife back and helped me become the man I’m supposed to be. Thank you both for sticking with us. You have our love and respect forever and we will always call you friends… Thank you for believing in us.

– Anonymous



I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me and my family. I am so grateful to you for your kindness and compassion. You went above and beyond any other attorney. Thank you… God bless you. Without you I don’t know where my kids and I would be. You are truly a blessing.

– Anonymous



For this we thank you from the bottom of our souls. For you have created hope for the future and our well being.

– C & J



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