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What We Have Done For Our Clients

Our team at Turner Law, is experienced in many areas of criminal law, including DUI, drug defense, domestic violence, misdemeanors, felonies and more. If you are facing criminal charges, you can expect thorough representation, individual attention and exceptional results from an expert criminal lawyer at a reasonable rate. As a top DUI attorney in San Diego, Gregory Turner has a wide range of experience with many difficult DUI cases and will aggressively fight to minimize the effects of such a criminal charge. If you are facing any criminal charge and are searching for an experienced criminal lawyer, contact us now.

DUI Defense Case

0.17 Blood Alcohol Concentration | Eighth Offense DUI | NOT GUILTY

Our client was found at the scene of a two-car collision with a blood alcohol level over twice the legal limit. He was immediately arrested for felony DUI, due to the number of prior DUI convictions he had suffered. A felony conviction would have sent him back to prison, and the help of a felony lawyer was essential.

At trial, we called the driver of the other vehicle as a witness. The witness admitted that he was shooting pool with our client, got angry when he lost, and chased our client out of the bar. He also testified that he followed our client in his car, rear-ending him when our client stopped at a stop sign. In a panic after the collision, our client testified that he drank a coffee mug full of E&J Brandy to settle his nerves. Despite the priors, the jury was convinced that our client was not at 0.08 percent or more at the time he was driving, and that he drank after the collision. He was acquitted of the charge!

A DUI charge can turn your life upside down, but Turner Law, is dedicated to restoring the life you had before you faced a DUI charge. Are you searching for a criminal defense attorney in San Diego, such as a misdemeanor lawyer or a felony attorney? Let Turner Law San Diego, APC, restore your life – contact us now.

Drug Crime Defense Case

Possession For Sale Of Steroids While Armed | Case(s) Dismissed

Our clients, husband and wife, came to us after they were arrested for selling steroids. She had been observed by DEA delivering several vials of steroids to another person. A search warrant uncovered multiple firearms and multiple vials of steroids. They were both arrested for distributing illegal drugs while armed with guns.

Thorough investigation revealed that the buyer, an acquaintance of the husband, was a DEA informant who was trying to keep himself out of jail. The husband and the informant had several wiretapped conversations about dealing steroids. We convinced the prosecutor that the informant had exaggerated our clients’ involvement in steroids to get the DEA’s attention. We were able to show that the husband only agreed to furnish a small amount of steroids to the informant after being pestered for months. Ultimately, the prosecutor agreed to resolve the cases as if they were possession for personal use. The wife has completed the PC 1000 drug diversion class, and her charges are being dismissed. The husband has completed the Prop 36 drug program. His charges are also being dismissed. We saved his general contractor’s license, as the contractor’s board withdrew their complaint when this result was achieved.

You do not want to face a criminal charge by yourself; Turner Law, will aggressively fight to defend you and your rights. If you are facing criminal charges, contact us now.

Criminal Defense Cases

Under The Influence Of Methamphetamine While Armed With An AK-47 | Case Dismissed At Preliminary Hearing | Gun Returned

Our client, a life-long East County resident who proudly himself a hillbilly, was walking his property near Lyons Peak, armed with an AK-47. Government vehicles aggressively drive the access road to the radio towers at the peak. My client yelled at the one of the drivers to slow down. Startled by the man with a shaggy, red hair and a long, red beard carrying an AK-47, the driver called the Sheriff. Law enforcement responded with a dozen vehicles, assault weapons and a helicopter, arresting my client. The sheriff drew his blood, and it tested positive for methamphetamine. He was charged with felony possession of an illegal automatic weapon while under the influence of methamphetamine and was looking at a prison term.

Through the district attorney’s witnesses, we showed that our client was on his own property at all times. We proved the AK-47 was bought before they were banned. The judge agreed that our client was behaving lawfully on his property, that the sheriff had no reason to arrest him, so the blood was thrown out. The case was dismissed, and the judge ordered the AK-47 to be returned!

Turner Law, has represented clients facing felony charges, so you can trust that our legal team at Turner Law San Diego, APC, has the expertise to help you. If you are facing a felony charge contact us now.

Conspiracy To Commit Murder | Probation | Credit For Time Served

Our client was asked by his friend to help him kill a man. The friend had been hired to kill the business associate of a third person. The third person was to make payment upon proof of completion. Our client’s friend got cold feet and contacted the police. The police recorded some phone between the three participants. They followed our client and his friend as they began to drive toward what was believed to be a crime scene. The vehicle was pulled over, and everyone was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder. If convicted, our client would be sentenced to 25 to life.

The case was sent to a trial department when no reasonable settlement offers were made. Just before the jury was called in, we told the DA that our client would testify that his plan all along was to thwart the murder. We explained that our client believed that his friend was desperate enough to commit the murder without him. If he agreed to help, he could stop the crime. In an unorthodox move, our client spoke directly with the DA, and she found him credible. The DA was afraid we would win the trial. She released our client on probation.

Turner Law, will provide aggressive and thorough representation to minimize the effects of any criminal charge. If you are facing criminal charges, contact us now.

Possession Of A Concealed Firearm, Brandishing | Assault With A Deadly Weapon | Misdemeanor Nuisance | No Jail

Our client, an active duty Marine, was in his old neighborhood in the early morning hours. He heard loud talking escalate to yelling and a commotion. He approached them and asked them to leave. When they refused, he pulled a gun from his waistband, pointed it at the crowd and ordered them to disperse. He was arrested for multiple felony firearm violations and was in real jeopardy of being kicked out of the Marine Corps.

In a meeting with the prosecutor, we were able to explain our client’s professional background. We were able to show that he probably did prevent a more severe crime from happening. We also proved that our client had taken the classes required to be licensed to carry a concealed weapon. The prosecutor agreed to dismiss all of the firearm count with a plea to a “nuisance” charge. Nuisance is generally for charges related to dangerous conditions on your property. His career was saved.

Turner Law, is the law firm to contact for top representation that can restore your rights so that you can return to the life you had before such charges. If you are facing a felony charge, contact us now.

Two 1998 Arrest Warrants For Methamphetamine Sales | Warrant Cleared | Charges Reduced To Misdemeanors With No Appearance

Our client’s father called us in early 2012 to see what could be done about his son’s outstanding arrest warrants. We reviewed the case files and learned that our client was on felony probation for meth sales in 1997 when he was arrested on a new meth sales charge. His attorney at the time had him plead guilty, and he was facing a likely prison term at sentencing. Our client then disappeared for almost 15 years, moving to Florida.

By rule, with few exceptions, appearing in court is mandatory on felony cases. Our client has had no identification for almost 15 years, so he could not fly or drive to San Diego. He could not even have a document notarized without ID. Nonetheless, we were able to show the prosecutor and the court that our client had gotten and stayed clean since 1998. He had not been arrested and has devoted his life to church, charity and helping others since leaving San Diego. The DA agreed to recall the warrants, reduce the charges to misdemeanors, and close the cases with no jail, fines or travel from Florida. He can now get his license, resume paying taxes and vote.

You can trust that Turner Law will fight to restore your hope, rights and life. If you are facing criminal charges, contact us now.

Four Counts Of Domestic Violence | Case Dismissed

Our client, a teenager, student and father, contacted us after being arrested and charged with multiple counts of domestic violence against the mother of his children. No discussions with the prosecutor could convince them that the accuser was angry that our client had stayed out late playing soccer and was getting ready to break up with the accuser, and the accuser was desperate to gain lawful status in the U.S. Instead, a jury had to be called to prove our client’s innocence.

At trial, the accuser was confronted with notes she had left at our client’s home. The notes showed that she had been researching asylum for domestic violence victims. When asked about the research, she denied it. When the prosecutor called the accuser’s teacher as a witness, he confirmed that she had been asking about and researching the asylum. Furthermore, when confronted about the claimed injuries, the accuser’s story was not credible. Ten of the jurors voted to acquit our client. The case was then dismissed at the prosecutor’s request.

A domestic violence charge can have a huge effect on you and your family. Turner Law is dedicated to restoring your life, rights, and security. If you are facing a domestic violence charge, contact us now.