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Is San Diego’s Drug Court right for you?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2021 | Drug Charges |

Many individuals who find themselves facing drug charges are recreational users — not manufacturers or dealers. Many defendants want to get help to kick their habit yet don’t know where to turn to receive such services. Others think that they don’t have the necessary funds to get help.

If you’re facing drug charges but are committed to changing your future and ending your addiction, then San Diego County’s drug court may be the right forum for you.

What is a drug court?

The Superior Court of California- County of San Diego runs four adult drug courts and one juvenile one. It’s a special court system that offers an alternative sentencing option to defendants facing non-violent drug charges. 

Drug courts generally allow defendants an option to plead to charges in exchange for their participation in community-based substance abuse treatment and vocational training as opposed to incarceration. 

A judge will generally order defendants to serve an 18-month deferred sentence, during which they require them to submit to random drug testing, to receive one-on-one and group drug counseling and attend regular progress hearings with the court. 

Defendants who comply with all the judge’s orders may qualify for termination of any probation and have their criminal charges dismissed. The court may impose sanctions, including remanding the case back to the criminal court system, should a defendant fail to uphold their obligations. 

Are you eligible for participation in drug court?

There are certain eligibility criteria that prospective drug court defendants must meet to qualify for placement in this San Diego alternative sentencing program. You must show a commitment to overcoming your addiction and becoming a productive citizen. An attorney can advise you whether you may meet the eligibility criteria to participate in this program and request admission to it.