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Do you need a jury consultant for your criminal trial?

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2021 | Criminal Defense |

You’re in serious trouble. You’ve been charged with a felony — or maybe a string of them — and you’re looking at significant time behind bars if you’re convicted.

You’ve heard the statement before that “trials can be won or lost at jury selection,” so you’re wondering if you need a jury consultant on your side.

Maybe. Below are some things to consider.

The many benefits of a jury consultant

While they don’t come cheap, jury consultants can be a valuable resource to their clients.

According to the American Bar Association, the key thing to remember is that lawyers “are experts on the law…Jury consultants, on the other hand, are experts in human behavior and communication.” With that in mind, jury consultants can:

  • Research community attitudes to support a change of venue request when there’s been a lot of publicity in a case
  • Assist with the voir dire (jury screening and selection) process by advising the attorneys through jury research
  • Organize mock trials with simulation juries to better understand how the real jury may respond to certain parts of a case
  • Help develop the themes used in a case, which is the narrative that helps give the evidence and testimony a frame of reference
  • Assist with preparation for testimony by the defendant or expert witnesses to make sure they understand how to connect with the jury
  • Develop demonstrative visual aids that the defense team can use throughout their case to help illustrate their points

Ultimately, if you can afford the cost, a jury consultant can be well worth their price.

If you’re facing serious felony charges, you cannot take chances with your future. Whatever your questions or concerns, address them with an experienced defense attorney right away.