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Furtive movements lead to arrest of Calif. woman on drug charges

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Drug Charges |

It is reasonable to feel nervous during a traffic stop, but the so-called furtive movements of a California woman during a traffic stop last Thursday morning caught the attention of authorities in Framingham, Massachusetts. A subsequent search of her person and vehicle allegedly rendered enough evidence to have her arraigned on drug charges.

A law enforcement officer allegedly recognized the woman from a past encounter during the traffic stop that took place in the early morning hours. An expired inspection sticker on the vehicle reportedly prompted the traffic stop. According to the report that followed thereafter, the officer asked her to step out of the vehicle and submit to a weapons check due to the furtive movements that he claimed to see her making as he approached her car.

The weapons search yielded a crack pipe, which the woman claimed belonged to a friend, and a knife. Looking in the vehicle, authorities discovered two small sandwich bags, one containing various pills and the other with a white powdery substance. Law enforcement have since sent both bags for testing by the Massachusetts state crime lab. Results are pending at this time. Nevertheless, authorities proceeded to charge the woman with possession of a Class E substance and possession of cocaine.

The search of the vehicle allegedly also yielded a number of items consistent with property frequently stolen from vehicles. These reportedly included pocketbooks and electronic devices such as tablets, GPS units and cell phones. However, law enforcement has yet to receive any reports of of these items. Should any such reports come in, the woman could face additional charges.

A seemingly simple traffic stop could potentially change a person’s life forever. Those facing drug charges may find it helpful to contact an attorney.