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Tough DUI Defense Lawyer

No DUI is an open-and-shut case. Many California drivers may feel they have no choices if they are stopped on suspicion of drunk driving and their blood alcohol concentration is measured to be over the legal limit. However, not all DUI cases presented by the prosecutor’s office are equally strong. Your case may have been influenced by questionable motives for the stop, poor handling of on-site testing, or other factors that raise important questions about your guilt or innocence.

Greg Turner, founding attorney of Turner Law, has handled more than 1,500 cases in his 20-year career in criminal defense law. His outstanding skills in legal analysis allow him to examine the evidence against you, evaluate its impact and propose defense strategies to minimize the DUI charge’s impact on your life.

DUI Arrests And Possible Defenses

An arrest for DUI is a complex operation, and law enforcement is required to follow certain procedures to ensure your due process rights are upheld. As your DUI attorney, Mr. Turner will ask the following questions as he reviews your case:

  • How was the stop made? Did the officers have probable cause, or was it part of a large-scale DUI stop operation?
  • Was the defendant allowed to decline taking field sobriety tests?
  • If the defendant agreed to take and “failed” field sobriety tests, were there factors that explain balance or gaze disturbances?
  • Was the defendant made aware of their right to remain silent and not answer questions unless an attorney was present?
  • Were preliminary blood alcohol content (BAC) tests administered in the field? Was the equipment used properly maintained and operated?
  • Were there any irregularities with the way BAC tests were administered at the police station?

Our DUI lawyer has successfully defended cases of extreme DUI and cases in which the defendant faced their second or third DUI charge. He can discuss with you whether an acquittal, a reduced sentence or a case dismissal is a possibility in your circumstances.

Let Our Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer Fight For You

You have options beyond a simple “guilty” plea to a DUI. Let Turner Law guide you through the judicial process. We offer 24-hour availability so you never have to wait for an answer to a critical legal question. Call our offices in San Diego at 619-436-4502 or use our online contact form to set up an appointment. We proudly offer a military discount to current military members and veterans.