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What is the link between opioids and Hepatitis A?

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2019 | Criminal Defense |

The opioid epidemic is happening in every state across the nation, including California. Nobody is safe. This drug touches the lives of people across the spectrum. The biggest concern is overdose deaths, but there is a new concern popping up that could affect everyone in a population. There is a growing number of Hepatitis A cases linked to opioid abuse, according to USA Today.

Hepatitis A affects the liver. It can lead to liver failure and death. It is usually more severe in those with a compromised immune system, the elderly and the very young. There is no cure for this disease. You have to let it run its course and hope that it does not cause severe damage to your liver. However, there is a way to prevent the disease. You can get a two-dose vaccination.

There have been various outbreaks in different states, including California. Kentucky has had the biggest number of cases, followed by Ohio, but the disease is occurring all over the country in larger than normal numbers. The link with opioids is that the disease has been following the epidemic. It seems wherever there is a serious opioid issue, there is also a serious Hepatitis A outbreak.

The problem with Hepatitis A is that everyone can get the disease and it is easy to transmit. You can get it from almost anywhere. Food workers can transmit it through food, or you could get by just touching a doorknob. If you do not have the vaccination, you are vulnerable. This information is for education and is not legal advice.