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Concussions can wrongly look like DUIs

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2019 | DUI Defense |

The stress of a car accident weighs on a person’s mind enough without the added layer of a false DUI charge. Accidents happen, even when you drive responsibly. Perhaps it is the fault of the other driver or perhaps you made a simple traffic error that led to an accident. Regardless of fault, if you hit someone hits his or her head, he or she could find him or herself facing a DUI charge.

A concussion manifests in a way that will appear similarly to someone under the influence of alcohol. Field sobriety tests examine a person’s coordination. When a person has a BAC of over .08%, that person will lack coordination. According to Healthline,  reaction time slows, people can lose your coordination and they cannot remember everything. In addition, they may experience symptoms of drowsiness and easily lose their balance.

When an officer has an intoxicated person, he or she will have the driver test balance, concentration and memory. This can be confusing if the driver hit his or her head beforehand. Mayo Clinic explains that concussions occur due to blows to the head or a violent shake to the head. Following a concussion, patients may experience a temporary loss of consciousness, amnesia surrounding the event, confusion and delayed responses. Slurred speech is also a symptom that officers look for in drunk drivers.

The driver may be unable to explain that he or she hit his or her head. When asked to balance, the driver may fall. To a police officer, the symptoms of a concussion resemble those of a drunk driver.