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Drug charges and your teen’s education

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2020 | Drug Charges |

Our law office sees the many consequences that people face when they are charged with an offense related to drugs. Stress, financial penalties and even time behind bars are a reality for many people in this position. However, some people have especially unique circumstances and there are various factors that make drug cases even more concerning. For example, if a teen is charged with a drug-related offense, various questions arise that do not apply to other people, especially when it comes to their education and future career prospects. 

For starters, these cases are challenging for parents and their kids alike. Parents are often upset and stressed out, while teens in this position suffer in various ways. Academic performance often suffers in the wake of a drug case and some teens are unable to continue their studies as a result of their circumstances. For example, some people are no longer able to attend college as a result of a poor outcome following drug charges. Not only do these charges interfere with financial issues related to attending college, but the pressure is so intense it prompts some students to drop out. 

Unfortunately, when a teen’s studies are disrupted as a result of drug charges, this often disrupts their lives further. Moreover, this creates repercussions that are felt years down the road. It is important for parents to understand the hardships their teens face and do everything in their power to support them through these crises. Sometimes, teens even find themselves in this position unfairly. Our drug charges page covers other topics related to the consequences of drug cases.