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Men accused of having ecstasy mailed to California Post Office

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Drug Charges |

Two men who were taken into custody in California on June 19 have been charged with conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance. A federal complaint filed on July 7 reveals that the men are accused of receiving packages containing MDMA, which is more commonly known as ecstasy, at a Post Office in Carmel Valley. They could spend more than 10 years in a federal prison if they are convicted. One of the men is a San Marcos resident according to media reports.

The investigation into the alleged narcotics scheme was launched by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service when a package containing illegal drugs was intercepted on June 10. Reports indicate that the package was mailed to Carmel Valley from an undisclosed overseas location. Three more packages were intercepted over the next few days. All of the packages contained about 1 kilogram of MDMA and were addressed to an individual named James Knight. Investigators quickly determined that this was a fictitious name.

About a week later, an individual claiming to be Knight is said to have called the Post Office to state that his roommate would be picking up the packages. Investigators were waiting when the two men showed up in a white Tesla. One of the men was taken into custody without incident, but the San Marcos man allegedly attempted to flee the scene in the Tesla. He was apprehended after a brief pursuit according to investigators. U.S. attorneys claim that one of the suspects has been receiving MDMA from locations such as the Netherlands since 2016.

The federal penalties for drug offenses can be harsh, and federal inmates are not eligible for parole. This is why experienced criminal defense attorneys could study law enforcement reports with particular care when their clients face federal narcotics charges. If the evidence gathered by federal agents is overwhelming, attorneys may suggest negotiating a more lenient sentence at the negotiating table. When federal prosecutors could find it difficult to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt, attorneys may recommend mounting a vigorous defense in court.