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Over 120 alleged members of a darknet drug ring arrested

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Drug Charges |

Over 120 people in California have been arrested and charged with drug trafficking through a massive online ring known as “Stealthgod.” The ring reportedly operated on the darknet, which uses special software to keep users’ identities anonymous. The group is accused of conducting illegal activities like selling drugs to people in over 35 states. They also allegedly sold drugs to customers in numerous countries overseas.

According to the authorities, drug sales on the darknet have skyrocketed in the past few years. Fewer people are buying drugs from their local dealers and turning to anonymous darknet sellers instead. The anonymity of the darknet allows drug traffickers to advertise freely and take orders from people all over the world.

As part of Operation DisrupTor, an effort to end drug trafficking on the darknet, members of Stealthgod were arrested on drug charges, and their stash of illegal product was seized. Authorities say this included 120 pounds of meth, 14 pounds of pills and a supply of ecstasy. They also reportedly seized five guns and over $1 million in cryptocurrency. The authorities claim that Stealthgod completed over 18,000 transactions during the group’s time on the darknet.

Where can an individual go for assistance with drug charges?

When an individual has been charged with drug crimes, they might be facing large fines, a lengthy prison sentence, mandatory community service and other penalties that could negatively impact their life. As a result, they might want to hire an attorney to help prepare their defense. An attorney may be able to offer legal guidance and negotiate with the judge to help their client receive the best possible outcome. They might be able to argue for reduced prison time or exchange that punishment with mandatory drug classes.