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Do I have to inform my employer about a DUI arrest?

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2021 | DUI Defense |

DUI arrests may prove shocking and embarrassing. Someone might make a regrettable mistake and find him or herself arrested and facing serious charges in California. Unfortunately, problems may arise between an employer and an employee after the worker faces DUI charges.

Reporting a DUI offense to an employer

A person may or may not have a requirement to report information about a DUI arrest to an employer. If someone works for a government office, it may be necessary to report the incident. The arrest could impact security clearances. Those involved in the medical professional might need to provide information about the arrest as well. A medical practitioner might not end up suffering any sanctions, but a review would likely occur. The possibility of losing a license does exist if convicted.

Other professions may not require any disclosures for a DUI arrest. Perhaps discussing the matter with a DUI defense attorney is advisable. An attorney may know whether a particular profession has disclosure requirements.

Arrests and convictions of DUI

Employees may find that their employer decides to terminate them after they’re arrested or convicted of a DUI. The record might follow an employee around when seeking future employment. A misdemeanor DUI conviction leads to a criminal record.

Even someone whose case ends up with a favorable judgment, such as a “not guilty” verdict, could face troubles with employers. Fired employees may need to speak to an attorney about wrongful termination rules if they apply.

Regardless of the work situation, someone charged with a DUI must deal with the legal consequences. Someone facing first-time DUI charges may want to rely on an attorney’s ability to request lenient sentencing. Those facing felony DUI charges might benefit from working with an attorney to explore an appropriate defense strategy.