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Dealing with the shame and embarrassment of a DUI

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2021 | DUI Defense |

Being pulled over and arrested on drunk driving charges can bring up a lot of negative emotions. You may never have had a run-in with the police before, and never even entertained the prospect of getting into trouble with the law.

It’s also likely that your career and other relationships are based on the reputation you have as being a respectable and responsible person. Therefore, you’ll likely be worried about news of your arrest circulating among your coworkers and friends. These thoughts will undoubtedly bring up a lot of feelings of anxiety and shame. If you are worried about your personal and professional life as a result of a DUI arrest, the following are some ways in which you can deal with your emotions better.

Prevent depression by being proactive

Depression can be situational or chemical. When depression is caused by events that have occurred in a person’s life, the symptoms and severity of the effects can often be reduced by being proactive and taking early action. For example, if after a DUI charge you start drinking more and delay taking action to defend yourself, your problems will pile up and you’ll start feeling even worse. However, if you react to a DUI charge by determining that this is not going to define you and decide not only to stop drinking but to actively defend yourself, you’ll likely have a much more positive outcome and be able to prevent feelings of depression.

Decide that this is not who you are

It’s up to you whether you let a DUI charge define you. Everyone makes mistakes, and whether you decide to own these mistakes and allow them to change you for the better or let them lead you toward a path of self-hatred is up to you.

How to decide to bounce back after a DUI arrest is up to you. The best choice is to take early action and start planning your defense strategy.