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3 reasons you could face theft charges

| Oct 29, 2021 | Theft |

If the police catch you with stolen goods, it will be difficult to claim you are innocent. As far as they are concerned, they have evidence to prove that you are guilty.

Yet, there are several ways that you could end up in possession of items that you know nothing about. Sorting out how they got there will be crucial to avoiding prosecution for a crime that you did not commit

Someone else may have planted stolen goods on you

Here are three reasons someone else’s action could lead you to face charges:

  1. They needed a distraction: As you walk out of the store, the alarm goes off and the staff and security all rush over to you. Meanwhile, the person that dropped the item into your bag is busy escaping with more valuable items.
  2. They used you: A seasoned shoplifter knows they face jail if caught again. Rather than risk leaving the store with stolen goods themselves, they use you to get the goods out for them. Only they do not tell you. For instance, they drop a watch into your pocket in the store. If security stops you, the other person disappears. If, however, you exit without being stopped, they walk past, dip their hand into your pocket and retrieve the watch without you being any the wiser.
  3. They wanted revenge: People can sometimes take a minor dispute to the extreme. One way they might get back at you is by setting you up to be accused of theft. For instance, a work colleague could put company items in your bag or desk then report them as missing to your employer. Someone you reported to the police could hide stolen goods in your vehicle then ring the police.

There are many ways to fight false charges of theft. You do not need to take the blame for a crime you did not commit.