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Can you get evicted over drug charges?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2021 | Drug Charges |

While it’s important to think about the administrative and criminal penalties that can come with a drug crime conviction, there is also the reality that there will be other impacts in your life. You may find that it is difficult to get a lease or that you lose your job because of a criminal history.

Did you know that it’s possible to be evicted because of illegal activity in some cases? This is just one more reason to fight against drug charges since a conviction might have devastating effects in your life.

When can you be evicted for drug charges?

Usually, you’re not going to face eviction over charges but you could face eviction over a conviction. For example, if you have a lease with your landlord that required a background check and you are aware that your landlord doesn’t allow people with felonies to rent, then you may find that you’re quickly evicted when a felony lands on your record.

You may also be evicted if you or another tenant in your unit is involved in illegal activity. The landlord must serve you notice in this case. Then, they can attempt to evict you.

Even if the landlord is fine with the drug charges or conviction on your record, you could end up losing your job. Your inability to cover rent due to job loss might result in an eviction if you cannot find a new job quickly. This is much harder with a conviction on your record.

A good defense may help you avoid an eviction due to drug charges

If you are accused of drug charges, it’s important to defend yourself. Many areas of your life may be affected, so it’s important to take steps to limit the impact of an arrest and the charges that follow.

If you are able to successfully defend yourself, you’ll be in a better position with your employer and landlord. This means that there will be a much lower risk of losing a job or place to live, which could cause serious issues in your life. On top of that, you may be able to avoid serious consequences, like heavy fines and imprisonment.