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How to act when pulled over for DUI

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2022 | DUI Defense |

Being pulled over in any situation can be scary. However, if the police suspect you of DUI, the bad situation may get even worse.

Knowing how to act and what to do in this situation is the best way to protect yourself and your rights.

Remain respectful

Any time you are pulled over, be sure to be polite and respectful to the officer. The police will not be as lenient if you act belligerent and defensively. Make sure to hand the police your license, insurance and registration. Only exit the vehicle when the police ask you to.

Know your rights

The police will ask you questions to determine if you have been drinking and how much you drank. You do not have to answer. You can say nothing or tell them you prefer not to answer. Everything you say to the police can be used against you, so in many cases, it’s best to stay quiet.

You can refuse the initial field sobriety tests without penalties in California unless you are under 21 or have prior DUI convictions. At the station, though, refusal of a breath or blood test may result in license suspension, alcohol education and fines.

Take notes about the situation

If you are arrested for DUI, it’s important to write down everything you can leading up to the arrest and after the arrest. Do this as soon as you can. This should include how many drinks you had, how the police treated you and anything else you can remember.

Defending against a DUI charge

If you face DUI charges, be sure to remember the tips above. This will help you protect yourself and your rights. You should also seek legal guidance to develop a DUI defense strategy.