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Can you leave California with marijuana? 

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2022 | Drug Charges |

You’ve been legally using marijuana in California for a long time. This was one of the first states to begin allowing medical use and it also allows recreational use. It may be to the point where you don’t even think of marijuana as a drug because, under state law, it’s just not illegal the way that other drugs are.

But now you’re going to visit your family, and they live in a state where marijuana is unfortunately still illegal. Examples include places like Texas or Alabama. Are you allowed to take marijuana that you legally bought in California and bring it with you on your trip?

Crossing state lines

First and foremost, it is federally illegal to cross state lines with marijuana. So you typically cannot leave any state and enter another one, and you cannot fly with it. Even if you’re in California, and you know that it was a legal purchase, you’re not going to be allowed to board the airplane, and it would be illegal to drive out of the state with it in your possession.

Interestingly, this is even true if the other person lives in a state where marijuana is also legal. For instance, maybe you’re going to visit your family in Michigan, where recreational marijuana has also been legal for years. Even though it would be legal when you bought it in California and legal again when you were in Michigan, it is illegal to transport it across state lines under federal law.

Changing laws

Marijuana issues can be confusing because the laws are always changing and they differ widely from state to state. If you are facing any sort of accusations for illegal drug use or transportation, be sure you know what steps to take to protect your future.