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Can prescription drugs lead to an arrest?

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2023 | Drug Charges |

You know that you can be arrested if you’re caught with illegal drugs in California. An example could be something like cocaine or heroin. These are controlled substances that people are not allowed to use under any circumstances. They are widely used in a recreational sense, but everyone who does so is potentially risking arrest if they are caught by the authorities.

However, you may simply have prescription drugs in your possession. Is there any way that these drugs, which are also controlled substances, could also cause you to be arrested?

Impaired driving

If you are driving while you’re under the influence of prescription drugs, you could face impaired driving charges. Technically, anyone who is impaired behind the wheel is acting in violation of the law. People often think about drunk driving exclusively in this context, but driving under the influence of prescription medication could also lead to charges.

Sharing prescriptions

Another issue could be if you share your prescription medications with someone else. This could mean selling them to make a profit or simply giving them to a friend or family member. It is never legal for people to share prescription medications, even if they have the prescription and they purchased those substances legally. This is a common problem that involves people who are honestly just trying to help someone else and don’t even know that they are breaking the law until they are caught.

Using an expired prescription

Finally, prescriptions do expire at certain times, and it is illegal to continue to obtain and take substances after the prescription has run out. For instance, some people will look to buy a prescription from another person, or they will shop around to try to find a doctor’s office or a pharmacy that will fill their expired prescription – or issue a duplicate one.

What now?

If you are facing serious drug charges, be sure that you know what legal defense options you have. An arrest does not necessarily have to define the rest of your life.