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What Is A Misdemeanor?

Many assume that a misdemeanor charge is a relatively minor offense. While it is true that a misdemeanor is less serious than a felony, it can still result in severe penalties that affect your future, freedom and finances.

At Turner Law, founding attorney Greg Turner fights against misdemeanor convictions. He understands that in addition to the criminal penalties that can result from a conviction, the consequences to your criminal record can be devastating. He leverages his experience in handling more than 1,500 criminal cases in over 20 years to minimize the effects of misdemeanor charges.

Potential Criminal Penalties Resulting From A Conviction

Whether you will face misdemeanor or felony charges depends on the specific circumstances of your arrest and situation. For example, while possession of controlled substances is a misdemeanor, drug trafficking or possession with intent to sell is a felony offense.

Criminal penalties for misdemeanors can include payment of fines, up to one year in county jail, community service hours, probation and more. The penalties you face hinge on whether you face standard or aggravated misdemeanor charges.

The Importance Of Guarding Against A Criminal Record

The start of a criminal record can make life challenging. You may find difficulty in:

  • Becoming employed
  • Applying to a college or educational institution
  • Finding housing
  • Applying for loans

Background checks can become complex and dismal with a criminal record. While you may have the option to wipe a conviction from your record at a later date, the process to clean your record can depend entirely on your unique circumstances. Working with an experienced attorney to proactively defend your case and protect your rights is in your best interests.

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